Generate the API key

This page explains how to generate and manage the API key.

Before you can start using the Kenjo API, you need to follow these steps to obtain an API key:

Request API activation

Reach out to the Kenjo Customer Success team to request API activation for either the sandbox or production environment. You can initiate this process by clicking here.

Access API key generation

Once your API activation request is approved, follow these steps to generate a new API Key:

  • Log in to your Kenjo account and navigate to Settings (the gear wheel in the left side menu). Ensure you have admin privileges in your Kenjo account
  • In the Settings menu, select Integrations.

  • Click on settings, inside the API box, to access the API key management page. To generate your first API key click on GENERATE NEW API KEY. You are able to generate up to 5 keys with different levels of access

Each API Key Requires:

  • Alias: To easily identify and manage your API keys, provide a unique alias or name for each key during the generation process.
  • Access Level: Define the level of access that the API key will have. Be sure to specify the permissions and restrictions associated with this key. By default each API key will have access to the company, office, departments, employee, team, area, calendar and custom field endpoints.
  • Copy Your API Key: Before saving, make sure to copy your API key to a secure location. Once saved, the API key will no longer be visible for security reasons.

List of api keys

API keys can be deleted and updated by clicking on the dotted menu and choosing the proper option:


Once you delete an API key it automatically will remove the token, if there was one, and the API key can not be used any more to get an authentication token.


API keys are able to be modified. The alias can be modified but you can not use the same name of any existing one. If the API key is re-generated or the custom permission change then all the tokens generated with the API key will be invalidated, so to access the endpoints a new token generation is required. If the API key is re-generated, make sure before saving to copy the API key to a secure location. Once saved, the API key will no longer be visible for security reasons.